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Top 10 Places in Oklahoma City to take Engagement Pictures

July 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
Top 10 Best Places in OKC to take Engagement Pictures As a photographer, we sometimes treat our picture locations as trade secrets. I was like this until recently. A friend asked me a location and I hesitated to respond. You take way better pictures than me, I can't always hire you but it would be cool to take some fun pictures at that location. S...
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5 Tips for the BEST Portrait Bokeh (Blurry Background)

July 19, 2018
Check out this top 5 tips to get that nice, dreamy, blurry, background. The Japanese word for this is called Bokeh. Hope you like the list.
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New SIGMA's 105mm F1.4 Art portrait lens "Bokeh Master" | Unbox | Field Test | Results | Review

June 28, 2018  •  1 Comment
Raw First Look video of the new Sigma Art 105mm F1.4. In this video, you will see me unbox the lens, and take it out for a test drive. This was tested using a Nikon mount (D850). I will also show some edits during and after the photoshoot. I got this lens from B&H. I made this minutes after I received the lens and walked to the local park. The Sig...
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How to Rank Your Photography Business on Page 1 of Google | Top 10 Tips

June 24, 2018
I want to thank everyone for visiting this site. Im not sure where are are coming from so I will go ahead and place both parts of the video on this post. The videos below will help your photography business by boosting your rankings. Some will find the same kind of success I had and others might have more competition. Getting the top spot on Goo...
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Oklahoma Senior Session - Bricktown OKC

June 15, 2018
Looking for Senior portraits? Bricktown is a perfect location for lots of color and a urban look. Oklahoma Senior class of 2018 take notice. Kobe decided to make his first stop at The Womb in Oklahoma. This style is modern and sharp with lots of color pop. Net stop, rooftop pictures at a parking garage around the corner. We saw a nice and cloudy Ok...
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