Love Big Photography | About

I started my photography journey 10 years ago when I bought my first DSLR. I quickly fell in love and a new hobby was born. Shortly after friends and family asked me to take pictures for them to save some money. As I learned to master my hobby, friends and family started offering money for my services but I never felt comfortable taking it. It was suggested that I start a photography business and so here I am. I believe in Love, and I believe in sharing my talents to help capture it. I want to do more then that, I want to Love BIG. I understand times can be tough, and taking pictures of your most treasured events might be overlooked because of the price. I think everyone should have the opportunity to have quality pictures of the ones they love. Going through tough times myself, I hope to bring affordable value to my clients. I will also work with other photographers who hold the same values to provided a consistent experience. We hope that you will Love Big in life and let us capture those moments for you.

We provide Photography services for the entire Oklahoma City Metro that include:



Children & Family
Photo Menus & Brochures
Real-estate Properties
Auction Pictures

We will also try to accommodate special photography requests on a case by case basis.