Hey, celebrates do so why can't I? Looking like a million bucks, front page magazine, hit me with your best shot, glamor picture pop! The camera added 10 pounds, and it wasn't your best angle. We can help you get "The Look" you want. This type of detail take much longer then a typical picture but small details make all the difference. We will call to set up a consolation of what you have in mind, including example pictures if you have any. You only pay only after proofing and per picture.

                            Common Services Provided:

  1. Airbrushing Skin
  2. Sculpting Face and body
  3. Glow (Glamor Lighting)
  4. Darken or Lighten Hair
  5. Whiten teeth and eyes
  6. Vibrance to lips 
  7. Small stains to cloths                                                                              


$7 Per Picture