Studio Pictures and all other promotions are excluded from this promotion and can not be combined. Time Slots may be limited based on demand. Call/Text for availability. 


What's included $100 $80:
1. Up to 45 mins
2. 2 locations
3. 10+ edited pictures 
4. No outfit changes
5. Full copyright and digital download


What's included $140 $125:
1. Up to an hour (focus is on quality not time)
2. 3 locations near each other (I have examples)
3. No outfit changes
4. Full copyright and digital download
5. 16+ edited pictures guaranteed


What's included $180 $160:
1. Up to 2 hours
2. 4 locations
3. Up to 2 outfit changes
4. Full copyrights and digital download
5. 25+ edited pictures guaranteed 

*Prices are subject to Tax, and credit card fees (if payed with card). Cash, Credit or Debit only. NO Checks

Pictures include copyrights and must be downloaded though our website. Addition fees are included if you want a DVD delivered.  








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If you want longer session or have any other request, please let us know. We want to focus on affordability and quality. 

Call, text or email us for availability at (405) 703-9555 | FCortez@LoveBigPhotography.com